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Is this the next great migration that we are seeing?  

Do you know the history behind migration patterns…. Let’s take a look.  The 1800’s brought about the first great migration from the East Coast to the West Coast with the Pioneers, The Homestead Act and much more. 

The second great migration was in the early 1900’s which was the movement from the farms to the cities and now in the early 2000’s we are seeing another great migration.  Each one of these migrations are 100 years apart .

This third great migration, which we are now experiencing was brought on by COVID.  This “pandemic” has changed everyone’s outlook and lives. Instead of having to get in a car and drive to your professional job now your professional job is coming to you. Remote work is causing a lot of change in our every day being,  both personally and professionally. Big economic shifts are beginning to take place. The housing industry is being affected in a different way as well.


Although it is positive think about it.


(F) How is this affecting families and their everyday lives 

(O) It is now the “way of life” to work remotely 

(R) We are seeing less and less of professional games with fans in the stands, schools are not allowing parents and/or friends and other students to be present for High School and/or College sports activities 

(D) Dreaming about taking your family on a summer vacation or a holiday break from school those plans and fun times are getting more complicated with all the rules and regulations and testing that is required before you even leave your home.


Real estate is changing whether it’s residential or commercial. A big change has been happening over these last two years.

Take into consideration The Wall Street Generation who are not needing their large homes because they can work remotely from their own home.

There are a lot of benefits mixed with pros and cons to what has happened to our everyday living.   


Please give me a call for more information and I am happy to expand on this subject.