Mira Catalina Market for 2021

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Real Estate

The Real Estate Market in 2021 was the hottest ever.  Sellers were definitely in the driver’s seat with many homes receiving over asking with buyers’ contingency periods being shortened and, in some cases, appraisal contingencies being thrown by the wayside.  The East Side of the Hill (known as the Mira Catalina Side) was on fire and in great demand.  It is a small community and close to the Mira Catalina Elementary School known for its high achievement in Math and Reading.  This school services K - 5th Grades.  The Mira Catalina neighborhood genuinely is a neighborhood that is very family oriented, where everyone loves to bike, walk and known for its many cul du sac streets.  The Average Priced Home in this area was $1,796,493 with an average price per sq. Ft of $811.07 and average days on market 18.  As we begin 2022 and are already 25 days into the year the market is still on fire and prices are continually rising.  The market is showing us that 2022 will be a fruitful year for Sellers.  Maybe its time to take that equity out of your home and redesign your life.